Folkard team keeps Tarlton Trophy for host Guelph club

Rob Massey, Guelph Sports Journal

GUELPH — The Guelph Curling Club’s Bruce Folkard rink won four consecutive games to finish the 84th Tarlton-Robertson Memorial Masters Bonspiel as Ross Tarlton Trophy victors.

“The team really did play well,” Folkard said of his team of Doug Lane, Bruce McIntosh and Jim Irish. “We had a great two games (Monday) and things really rolled well for us and then we came into today and being a team effort, it was well done.”

This year the Tarlton Trophy was awarded to the winners of the early draw in the two-day bonspiel and the Folkard team finished as the lone undefeated team of the early draw.

Folkard won the Mac Robertson Trophy two years ago. This year that trophy was awarded to the unbeaten Milton Curling Club rink skipped by Don Paradine as they were the winners of the late draw. Other members of the Paradine rink were Knud Harmack, Gregg Simmons and Keith Hinck.

This year the early draw was heavy with teams from the host club. Of the 16 teams in the draw, 12 were playing on their home ice.

Folkard defeated clubmate Terry Sharpe in the Tarlton Trophy final in a game that was tied midway through before Folkard stole in two consecutive ends to grab a lead he wouldn’t relinquish.

“We knew we were going to have a tough one,” Folkard said of the Tarlton Trophy final. “It was a tough game for the first four ends, halfway through, and then all of a sudden we stole three and then we stole another three and that was it.”

While the annual Tarlton-Robertson bonspiel is a competitive event, the teams approach it as a fairly low-pressure tournament.

“That’s true. There’s a lot of sociability with the friends who come year by year by year,” Folkard said. “That this was the 84th year of this bonspiel, that’s a tremendous achievement in itself and it’s great to be a part of it.

“A lot of our spiels that we go to are just a one-day event and this being a two-day event, it just gives an opportunity to play a straight win-loss kind of thing. A lot of these one-day events are a point situation. That’s OK because you have to play it in one day, but really win-loss is the way to go.”

Other members of Sharpe’s rink were Rob Martin, Bob Reinholt and Jim Malyk.

Tom Poirier of the Guelph club defeated Wayne Aitken of the Acton club in the Ernie Barber Trophy final. That event was for early draw teams that suffered losses in their first games, but won their next two.

In other early draw final, Hugh MacLellan of Milton defeated Ross Bairstow of Guelph in the third event, Larry Hartnett defeated Ted Evans in an all-Sarnia Golf and Curling Club fourth event, Rod Stork defeated Jim Anderson in the fifth event, Brian Pattison defeated Al Raftis in the sixth event, Bill Bennett of Bradford Curling Club defeated Doug Dalgleish of Guelph in the seventh event and Helmuth Slisarenko defeated Murray Woods in the eighth event. The fifth, sixth and eighth event finals were all-Guelph affairs.

To get to the Tarlton Trophy final, Folkard earlier defeated Evans, Dalgleish and Anderson while Sharpe disposed of Slisarenko, Bennett and Stork.

In the late draw’s Mac Robertson Trophy final, Paradine defeated Gord Donovan of Hanover Curling Club.

Bill Rookley of Niagara Falls Curling Club beat Don Gillespie of Bradford in the Sleeman Trophy final.

The other late draw finals saw Bruce Jeffrey of Simcoe Curling Club defeat Craig Martin of Galt Curling Club in the third event, Greg Ward of Flowertown Curling Club beat Earle Muir of St. Catharines Curling Club in the fourth event, Doug Keys of Glanford Curling Club defeat Brian Cain of Guelph in the fifth event, Brian Maclennan of Burlington Golf and Curling Club beat Jeff Mackie of Bradford in the sixth event, Jim Mason of Burlington defeat Ed Desormo of Oakville Curling Club in the seventh event and Murray McEwen of Acton beat Joe Farrell of Milton in the eighth event.

In their marches to the Robertson Trophy final, Paradine earlier defeated Maclennan, Mason and Keys while Donovan got by Muir, Martin and Cain.


Ross Tarlton Trophy winners
submitted photo

Committee co-chair Ross Bairstow, left, presents the trophy to the winning Guelph Curling Club team of lead Jim Irish, second Bruce McIntosh, skip Bruce Folkard and vice Doug Lane.



Mac Robertson Trophy winners
submitted photo

Committee co-chair Ross Bairstow, second from right, presents the trophy to the winning Milton Curling Club team of lead Keith Hinck, vice Knud Harmark, skip Don Paradine and second Greg Simmons.