Frank Sorbara

Frank Sorbara turns week around with Guelph Lake II win

Rob Massey/Guelph Sports Journal

GUELPH — With the kind of week Frank Sorbara had, it’s a wonder he even bothered to show up and compete at Saturday’s Guelph Lake II triathlon meet, the final stop on this year’s Subaru Triathlon Series.

“I was actually in the hospital on Monday for a stomach virus,” Sorbara said after winning the Guelph Lake II’s sprint triathlon. “I was in on Monday and there overnight for a while. I couldn’t really eat anything throughout the week and really was not training very much at all. I guess the training I put in probably early August kind of came through. Early in August I was training probably 30-plus hours a week. I had that base to kind of work off today so it kind of didn’t make too much of a difference.”

His problems didn’t end with his hospital visit.

“There’s more,” he said. “I tried running on Thursday because I’ve had a number of knee issues the last couple of years. I had a right knee problem on Thursday and I couldn’t run down the block, it was hurting so much. Actually this morning I was deciding whether I wanted to go into the swim/bike and not do the tri at all just because my running was hurting so much.”

However, a small jog in the conservation area made him decide to do the triathlon. But, true to his week, the race wasn’t problem free.

“It was interesting right from the start of the race,” the Thornhill native said. “It was kind of a rough start at the start of the swim and I got my watch bobbled off of me. I did the whole race without any watch and that’s a big thing for me because I do all my training to power so I had no data on the bike as to how fast I was going or how many watts I was putting out. It meant I had to go 100 per cent by feel, but I guess I was feeling pretty good. I took the lead about probably 15K into the bike and kept it from there on.”

Sorbara was second out of the water behind the University of Guelph student who races under the name Jessey the Elf. He recorded the fastest bike leg of the race and followed that with the fastest run of the race.

While Sorbara moved to triathlon from a running background, it was injuries suffered running that made him migrate from triathlon.

“I’m coming from a competitive running background, but I just had so many issues, so many injuries running and I ended up doing so much swimming and biking in the periods where I was injured from running and thought ‘You know what, maybe I’m decent at swimming and decent at biking and good at running and maybe I could put the three together,'” he said. “This is really my first season competing in triathlons and it’s gone pretty well so far.”

Saturday’s win at the Guelph Lake Conservation Area was his third there this year.

“I did the Olympic and the Sprint (at Guelph Lake I in June), but both in the swim/bike and I won both of those,” he said. “Those were good back-to-back days.”

And those were also an indication of things to come.

“I’ve won every swim/bike I’ve ever entered,” he said. “I’m good on the swim/bike and I’m coming from a running background so if I could one day put the three together, watch out. It’ll be good.”

Sorbara won Saturday’s race in one hour, 23 minutes and 49.6 seconds. Jessey the Elf was second at 1:27:01.2 and Mark Linseman of Guelph third in 1:29:10.5.

Miranda Tomensen of Toronto was top female finisher, eighth overall in

1:34:20.6 while Kristen Johnson of St. Catharines was 10th overall in 1:35:23.7.

Adam Johnston of Toronto won the sprint swim/bike in 1:06:34.9 while Michael Telpner of Toronto was second in 1:08:41.7, Melanie Beaton of London third in 1:10:56.4 and Paula Van Nostrand of Toronto fourth in 1:13:46.8.

T.J. Flynn of Cambridge won the sprint duathlon in 1:29:13.7 while Michael Gratton of Burlington was second in 1:29:21.5. Miriam Young of Toronto won the women’s race as she was seventh overall in 1:32:39.1 and Carolynne Simons of Mississauga was 19th overall in 1:40:46.9.

Szramek of Edinburgh won the sprint relay with a time of 1:42:21.7 while Petite-Pomme of Toronto was second in 1:46:26.9.

Top three men in the try-a-tri were Art Hare of Waterloo in 35:32.1, Andrew Buckrell of Kitchener in 36:32.4 and Thomas Wheatcroft of Toronto in 37:16.3.

Top three women were Sheri Walmsley of Milverton, 21st overall in 44:19.0, Sianna Dorsey of Dundas, 31st overall in 45:34.0 and Jennifer Schneider of Guelph, 34th overall in 45:41.5.