GCVI volleyball team celebrates 50-year reunion

GUELPH – The Guelph CVI Green Gaels team that won three consecutive provincial championships from 1966 to ’68 celebrated its 50-year reunion Saturday.

Larry Pearson, a member of the first ever team to win three consecutive provincial volleyball titles, and his wife Joy were gracious hosts for this event.

In all 14 players and the team’s manager attended. Photos were shared and stories told and it became evident that the years had never dented the bonds of friendship that had been formed half a century ago.

The person deemed most responsible for the title victories was coach Bob Wright, but he unfortunately passed away in July and his presence was sorely missed. His legacy is the men of today, the players and students he molded who have all gone on to enjoy success in a variety of careers.

Wright would have been most proud of the number of his players who have also volunteered their time helping others as he had helped them become better students and, most of all, better men.

All the players offered a toast to Wright at the end of the evening.

In attendance were Peter Gordon (he played 1966-68 and was captain 1967-68), Jeff Hagar (1967-68), Al Herne (1966), David Husson (1965-68), Larry Ketcheson (1966), Tony Lockyer (1966), John McPhail (1965-66), Peter Moreton (1965-66), Barry Mutrie (1965-66, captain 1965-66), Fred Nyholt (manager 1967-68), Larry Pearson (1966-68), Mark Waugh (1967-68), Jim Wilkinson (1967-68), Larry Willis (1967-68) and John Young (1967-68).

  • Special to Guelph Sports Journal