Guelph Gryphons

Gryphs in top two in their class at Louisville cross-country meet

LOUISVILLE — Guelph Gryphons teams placed in the top two of their category at Saturday’s Greater Louisville Cross Country Classic.

Competing in the non-NCAA Division 1 class in the meet at E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park, the Gryphon women won with 52 points while the men placed second with 98. The women finished 28 points ahead of runner-up Grand Valley State while the men were 64 behind Grand Valley State.

If the Gryphons had been in the Division 1 class, the women would’ve finished second and the men third. Taking Guelph’s results into account, Michigan would’ve won the D1 class’s women’s title with 46 points with Guelph second at 125 and Butler third at 127. Virginia Tech would’ve won the men’s team title with 65 points with Middle Tennessee State second at 67 and Guelph third at 142.

Heather Petrick won the non-Div. 1 individual women’s title as she finished the five-kilometre race in 16 minutes, 58.90 seconds.

Kristina Popadich of Western was second in 17:03.50. Of the other Gryphons, Katelyn Ayers was fifth (17:12.30), Sophie Watts 11th (17:30.40), Cheryse Mitton 16th (17:44.80), Katrina Allison 19th (17:47.20), Danielle Jossinet 24th (18:03.40), Kelsey Serviss 28th (18:10.20), Madeline Yungblut 37th (18:22.80), Mackenzie Cameron 41st (18:29.30), Dana Earhart 53rd (18:51.30), Charlotte Ward 57th (18:55.30) and Francesca Maltais 63rd (19:10.50).

Erin Finn of Michigan won the D1 class in 16:26.70 while Martina Rodriguez of Memphis was second in 16:50.30.

If the Gryphs were included in D1, Petrick would have finished seventh, Ayers ninth, Watts 24th, Mitton 41st and Allison 45th.

Zach Panning of Grand Valley State won the non-Div. 1 individual men’s crown as he finished the eight-kilometre event in 23:43.63. Chris Striegel of Bellarmine was second in 23:59.04.

For the Gryphs, Brayden Seneca was ninth (24:29.59), Connor Black 11th (24:32.09), Mitchell Ubene 23rd (24:57.41), Ben Workman 27th (25:04.33), Mark Patton 33rd (25:12.39), Andrew Shepherd 48th (25:31.00), Jeff Thornber 55th (25:38.27), Brady Graves 58th (25:42.63), Mostafa Elkurdy 59th (25:43.62), Kyle Madden 60th (25:45.58), Jason Wilson 72nd (25:54.32), Caelum Wishart 86th (26:20.84) and Josh Kellier 115th (27:26.41).

Edwin Kibichiy of Louisville won the D1 men’s title in 23:34.80 while Jacob Choge of Middle Tennessee State was second in 23:37.23 2.

If the Gryphs had run in the D1 class, Seneca would’ve been 12th in the individual race with Black 13th, Ubene 31st, Workman 37th and Patton 49th.

The Gryphs are to compete in the Mustang Invitational Thursday at London as they prepare for the OUA Championships Oct. 30 at Toronto and the CIS Championships Nov. 12 at Quebec City.

The Gryphons have won the last 12 OUA women’s team titles, the last 11 CIS women’s team titles, the last 11 OUA men’s team titles and nine of the last 10 CIS men’s team titles.

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