Guelphites looking for better in second round

Rob Massey, Guelph Sports Journal

GUELPH – Guelph’s Rachel Pollock and Katie McTaggart will have their work cut out for them Wednesday if they’re to survive the cut at Golf Canada’s women’s amateur championship tournament at Cutten Fields.

The pair finished with scores outside the low 70 following the opening round of the four-day tournament. The field of 156 is to be reduced to the top 70 and ties following the second round.

A total of 79 golfers shot 77 or better on the par-70 course in Tuesday’s opening round, led by a 65 recorded by Jennifer Kupcho of the U.S. Pollock shot an 81 and McTaggart fired a 90.

“It wasn’t the start that I wanted, but I’m going to take away the positives,” Pollock said. “I hit a lot of great shots out there and made back-to-back birdies on 15 and 16 so that was nice coming in so I’m going to carry that momentum going into tomorrow.”

“It definitely wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be,” McTaggart said. “I was having a lot of trouble off the tee, but it was still just great to be out there and it was a really good experience to play with those great players. It was a lot of fun.”

There are a lot of similarities between the pair. Both are John F. Ross CVI graduates. Both won District 10 high school golf titles. Both went to NCAA schools on golf scholarships. Both have been Cutten Fields women’s club champions. And both had their mothers acting as caddies during the opening round.

Pollock, 22, has a little more experience in national tournaments. She made the cut at last year’s women’s amateur when it was held in New Minas, N.S., and in 2015 when it was held in Saskatoon.

“I don’t think it gets easier, you get more accustomed and more prepared for them,” she said. “It’s playing really long this week, probably the longest we’ve ever played a national championship – 6350, par 70. I think it’ll be a really good test of golf this week.”

This is the first women’s amateur for 19-year-old McTaggart.

“I never really got into a good groove or anything,” she said. “I never really found my game, but I was happy with my putting. My putting was pretty good so that’s a good positive to take away.”

Reigning Cutten Fields junior club champion Kristen Giles of Georgetown had a good end to her round as she had a hole-in-one on the ninth hole, her 18th hole of the day. That was her only under-par hole of the day, but she had 12 pars and finished the round tied for 21st at 73.

Former women’s amateur champion Mary Ann Hayward, who won a couple of her four national titles while she was a member at Cutten Fields, fired a 76 and is tied for 57th.

Kupcho led at 65 as she was one of three players under par. Susan Xiao of Surrey, B.C., was second at four-under 66 and Grace St-Germain of Orleans, Ont., was third at two-under 68.


1. Jennifer Kupcho, U.S. 65
2. Susan Xiao, Surrey, B.C. 66
3. Grace St-Germain, Orleans 68
T4. Lauren Greenlief, U.S. 70
T4. Jaravee Boonchant, Thailand 70
T4. Katherine Zhu, China 70
T4. Janet Mao, U.S. 70
T4. Naomi Ko, Victoria, B.C. 70
T4. Rachel Heck, U.S. 70
T4. Hira Naveed, Australia 70
T11. Andrea Lee, U.S. 71
T11. Sandy Choi, Korea 71
T11. Lilia Kha-Tu Vu, U.S. 71
T14. Morgan Gonzales, U.S. 72
T14. Cynthia Diaz, Colombia 72
T14. Emily White, U.S. 72
T14. Jacqueline Chulya, Thailand 72
T14. Yuka Saso, Philippines 72
T14. Haylee Harford, U.S. 72
T14. Anna Newell, U.S. 72
T21. Tatiana Wijaya, Indonesia 73
T21. Molly Skapik, U.S. 73
T21. Gina Kim, U.S. 73
T21. Alexandra Naumovski, Hornby 73
T21. Alyaa Abdulghany, U.S. 73
T21. Momoka Kobori, New Zealand 73
T21. Emilia Migliaccio, U.S. 73
T21. Kat Kennedy, Okotoks, Alta 73
T21. Allison Chandler, Chester, N.S. 73
T21. Hannah Lee, Surrey, B.C. 73
T21. Allisen Corpuz, U.S. 73
T21. Lauren Hartlage, U.S. 73
T21. Kristen Giles, Georgetown 73
T21. Courtney Dow, U.S. 73
T21. Zhiying ‘Cindy’ Zhou, China 73
T36. Courtney Tolton, Mitchell 74
T36. Yue Zhang, China 74
T36. Maria Vesga, Colombia 74
T36. Michelle Kim, Surrey, B.C. 74
T36. Maddie Szeryk, London 74
T36. Jaclyn Lee, Calgary, Alta 74
T36. Olivia Cason, U.S. 74
T36. Emily Zhu, Richmond Hill 74
T36. Michelle Cheung, Hong Kong 74
T36. Chelsea Dantonio, U.S. 74
T46. Annika Haynes, Oakville 75
T46. Patricia Wong, U.S. 75
T46. Jiyoon Jang, U.S. 75
T46. Evelyn Arguelles, Mexico 75
T46. Kendra Dalton, U.S. 75
T46. DeeDee-Taylah Russell, Australia 75
T46. Marianne Li, U.S. 75
T46. Jessica Ip, Richmond Hill 75
T46. Mariel Galdiano, U.S. 75
T46. Stephanie Lau, U.S. 75
T46. Chloe Currie, Mississauga 75
T57. Katy Rutherford, Calgary, Alta 76
T57. Mary Ann Hayward, St. Thomas 76
T57. Kaho Monica Matsubara, U.S. 76
T57. Natalie Chu, Vancouver, B.C. 76
T57. Hannah Wood, U.S. 76
T57. Anita Uwadia, Nigeria 76
T57. Noémie Ouellette, Quebec, Que 76
T57. Gloria Usu Choi, Langley, B.C. 76
T57. Noemie Paré, Victoriaville, Que 76
T57. Kelsey Sear, Unionville 76
T57. Chloe Velasco, U.S. 76
T57. Diana McDonald, Kingston 76
T69. Cynthia Zhao, Toronto 77
T69. Ashley Kim, U.S. 77
T69. Samantha Spencer, Georgetown 77
T69. Marie-Pier Lefrancois, Rosemere, Que 77
T69. Shawn Rennegarbe, U.S. 77
T69. Hannah Haythorne, U.S. 77
T69. Kate Johnston, Ayr 77
T69. Madeline Marck-Sherk, Ridgeway 77
T69. Hannah O’Sullivan, U.S. 77
T69. Elizabeth Wang, U.S. 77
T69. Madison Easterbrook, Burlington 77
T80. Karyn Lee Ping, Brampton 78
T80. Sarah Dunning, Waterloo 78
T80. Addison Wallwin, Springwater 78
T80. Anna Redding, U.S. 78
T80. Monet Chun, Richmond Hill 78
T80. Maria Fassi, Mexico 78
T80. Lauren Diaz-Yi, U.S. 78
T80. Kelsey Zeng, U.S. 78
T88. Annie Lacombe, Laval, Que 79
T88. Sarah-Andréa Landry, Brossard, Que 79
T88. Erin Harper, U.S. 79
T88. Alanna Campbell, New Zealand 79
T88. Valérie Tanguay, St-Hyacinthe, Que 79
T88. Tian Lyu, China 79
T88. Camila Serrano, Colombia 79
T88. Kimberly Mitchell, U.S. 79
T88. Terrill Samuel, Etobicoke 79
T88. Katherine Gravel-Coursol, Mirabel, Que 79
T98. Dorsey Addicks, U.S. 80
T98. Bri-Ann Tokariwski, Winnipeg, Man 80
T98. Jamie Freedman, U.S. 80
T98. Emily Chu, Ancaster 80
T102. Rachel Pollock, Guelph 81
T102. Claire Hernandez, Palgrave 81
T102. Haley Yerxa, Ottawa 81
T102. Kenna Hughes, Calgary, Alta 81
T102. Kim Walker, Regina, Sask 81
T102. Mary Parsons, Delta, B.C. 81
T102. Crystina Kertsos, Pickering 81
T102. Angella Lee, Waterloo 81
T110. Vivian Lee, Hong Kong 82
T110. Abigail Heck, U.S. 82
T112. Alex Amos, Komoka 83
T112. Judith Kyrinis, Thornhill 83
T112. Jisoo Keel, Coquitlam, B.C. 83
T112. Amelia Garvey, New Zealand 83
T112. Meghan Bennett, Pickering 83
T112. Jany Martin, Gatineau, Que 83
T112. Madison Glennie, U.S. 83
T112. Sophie Liu, Surrey, B.C. 83
T112. Michelle Ruiz, Mississauga 83
T112. Rose Morissette, Laval, Que 83
T112. Charmaine Mackid, Ste. Anne, Man 83
T112. Stephanie Tucker, Orangeville 83
T124. Jessie Mercer, Plainfield 84
T124. Veronica Vetesnik, Winnipeg, Man 84
T124. Victoria Zheng, Markham 84
T124. Hailey McLaughlin, Markham 84
T124. Isabella Portokalis, London 84
T124. Lauren Diederichs, Calgary, Alta 84
T124. Emily Romancew, Pierrefonds, Que 84
T124. Mylène Limoges, Boucherville, Que 84
T124. Kimberly Risulmi, Milton 84
T133. Avril Li, Vancouver, B.C. 85
T133. Hannah Diamond, Winnipeg, Man 85
T133. Brooke MacKinnon, Chatham 85
T133. Akari Hayashi, Victoria, B.C. 85
T133. Emily Ward, Niagara Falls 85
T138. Tasha MacDonald, London 86
T138. Jordon Newlands, Toronto 86
T138. Danielle Sawyer, Grafton 86
T141. Cheerie Tan, Australia 87
T141. Julia Malone, Manotick 87
T141. Melany Chong, Mississauga 87
T144. Jennifer Knox, Georgetown 88
T144. Jue Wen, North York 88
T146. Katie McTaggart, Guelph 90
T146. Molly MacDermaid, Bathurst, N.B. 90
T146. Sukriti Harjai, Niagara Falls 90
T149. Brynn Todd, Winnipeg, Man 92
T149. Lilian Klekner-Alt, Ottawa 92
T149. Marissa Naylor, Winnipeg, Man 92
152. Jescynda Hotham, Fredericton, N.B. 94
153. Carrie Lambden, Saskatoon, Sask 95
154. Cathy Beaton, Antigonish, N.S. 100
155. Wendy Sentner, Halifax, N.S. 106
156. Kathy Brewer-Dalton, Douglas, N.B. 107