Guelph’s Irvine wins gold, silver at provincial synchro qualifier

ETOBICOKE — Lauren Irvine of the Guelph Synchronized Swim Club had a pair of top-two finishes at the Lisa Alexander C/N/W Provincial Qualifying Meet last weekend at the Etobicoke Olympium.

Irvine won 11-12 provincial figures with a score of 62.3644 points while runner-up Annabelle Ly of Waterloo Region Synchro was at 61.2045. Georgia Smallacombe of the Guelph club was 28th at 56.4000 and clubmate Brenna Stroud was 42nd at 55.4712. Guelph’s Rachel Watters scored 47.8756, Sydney Mulder scored 45.7733 and Aliyah Lane scored 44.3156.

Irvine was also the silver medalist in 11-2 national stream solo. She had a score of 57.7000 while winner Tara Goettisheim of Durham Synchro scored 60.7000.

Hannah Wiley of the Guelph club was 12th in 16-20 provincial figures at 61.9168 while Merit Hogen was 45th at 57.6668. Grace Ohrling of Waterloo Region won at 64.3333.

Cora England of Guelph was 20th in 13-15 provincial figures with a score of 60.3415. Kyla Smith placed 32nd at 59.3750 while Alexis Sanderson scored 57.1918 and Kiersten Barr scored 56.4584. Kelsey Marrese of Waterloo Region won at 64.9999.

Kate Coughlin of Guelph Synchro was 41st in 10-and-under figures with a score of 52.8800 while Katelyn Rice was 46th at 52.4000. Katie Slater scored 50.5332, Lucy Keleher scored 49.1332 and Victoria Mulder scored 44.7998. Mackenzie King of Durham Synchro won at 61.3334.

Local competitors Joëlle Zavitz and Sabrina Barnes, both members of Regional Training Centre-Ontario, were ninth and 10th respectively in junior FINA figures. Zavitz scored 69.5655 while Barnes scored 69.2679. Emily Armstrong of RTC-Ontario won at 75.4881.

The Waterloo Region pair of Claire Scheffel and Cassandra Zavitz were sixth in 13-15 FINA duet at 66.6000. The Granite Synchro team of Scarlett Finn and Flynne Gossling won at 70.9333.

Joëlle Zavitz was runner-up to Armstrong in junior FINA solo. Zavitz scored 71.5667 while Armstrong scored 76.4000.

RTC-Ontario team of Meaghan Ozikizler and Barnes scored 73.0333 to finish third in junior FINA duet. Olivia Jensen-Large and Maura McLean of RTC-Ontario won at 75.0333.

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