National masters curling tourney next week

GUELPH – The teams have begun arriving in the Royal City for next week’s Hy-Grade Steel Roofing Canadian Masters Curling Championships at the Guelph Curling Club.

Play is to start Monday at 9 a.m. and there are three draws most days.

It’ll be round-robin pool play in both the men’s and women’s categories for six days.

The semifinals in both categories are slated for April 8 at 2 p.m. while the medal games are to be played April 9. The women’s gold- and bronze-medal matches are set for 10 a.m. and the men’s medal matches are to follow at 2 p.m.

There’ll be two pools in each category with the men having pools of seven and the women pools of six.

The Ontario men’s rink from Ottawa’s Russell Curling Club that’s skipped by Bruce Delaney and features former Guelph resident Brian Henderson at second is in Pool B.

Also in that pool are Manitoba skipped by Mark Franklin, Northern Ontario skipped by former world champion Al Hackner, Nova Scotia skipped by Stephen Ogden, Prince Edward Island skipped by Bill Hope, Saskatchewan skipped by Jim Wilson and Yukon skipped by George Hilderman.

Included in Pool A are Alberta (Fred Armstrong), British Columbia (Ken Watson), New Brunswick (Robert MacDiarmid), Newfoundland & Labrador (Gary Oke), Northwest Territories (Paul Delorey), Ontario Host (Jim Lyle) and Quebec (Greg Sleno).

When there’s an uneven number of rinks in either category, the host province gets to put in a host rink to even things out. Ontario’s host rink is the provincial runner-up foursome from the St. Thomas Curling Club.

Nunavut isn’t represented in either category and the Northwest Territories isn’t competing in the women’s category.

The Ontario rink in the women’s competition is the Galt Curling Club rink skipped by Dale Curtis.

That rink is in Pool B along with Manitoba (Gwen Wooley), Northern Ontario (Barbara Ward), Nova Scotia (Louanne Labelle), Prince Edward Island (Sandy Hope) and Yukon (Ellen Johnson).

Pool A consists of Alberta (Diane Foster), British Columbia (Janet Klebe), New Brunswick (Ellen Brennen), Newfoundland & Labrador (Jean Rockwell), Quebec (Danielle Lever) and Saskatchewan (Delores Syrota).


Monday’s Games

Draw 1 (9 a.m.)
Sheet B: British Columbia (Watson) vs. Northwest Territories (Delorey)
Sheet C: Nova Scotia (Ogden) vs. Northern Ontario (Hackner)
Sheet D: Quebec (Sleno) vs. New Brunswick (MacDiarmid)
Sheet F: Saskatchewan (Wilson) vs. Yukon (Hilderman)
Sheet A: Nova Scotia (Labelle) vs. Prince Edward Island (Hope)
Sheet E: Saskatchewan (Syrota) vs. Alberta (Foster)
Sheet G: British Columbia (Klebe) vs. Newfoundland & Labrador (Rockwell)
Sheet H: Ontario (Curtis) vs. Yukon (Johnson)
Draw 2 (2 p.m.)
Sheet A: Alberta (Armstrong) vs. Ontario Host (Lyle)
Sheet B: Ontario (Delaney) vs. Prince Edward Island (Hope)
Sheet F: Nova Scotia (Ogden) vs. Manitoba (Franklin)
Sheet G: Quebec (Sleno) vs. Newfoundland & Labrador (Oke)
Sheet C: Manitoba (Wooley) vs. Yukon (Johnson)
Sheet D: Saskatchewan (Syrota) vs. Quebec (Trudel)
Sheet E: New Brunswick (Brennen) vs. Newfoundland & Labrador (Rockwell)
Sheet H: Nova Scotia (Labelle) vs. Northern Ontario (Ward)
Draw 3 (7 p.m.)
Sheet C: British Columbia (Klebe) vs. Alberta (Foster)
Sheet E: Manitoba (Wooley) vs. Northern Ontario (Ward)
Sheet F: New Brunswick (Brennen) vs. Quebec (Trudel)
Sheet G: Ontario (Curtis) vs. Prince Edward Island (Hope)
Sheet A: British Columbia (Watson) vs. New Brunswick (MacDiarmid)
Sheet B: Saskatchewan (Wilson) vs. Northern Ontario (Hackner)
Sheet D: Alberta (Armstrong) vs. Northwest Territories (Delorey)
Sheet H: Ontario (Delaney) vs. Yukon (Hilderman)
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