Olympian Korey Jarvis bronzed at Guelph Open

Rob Massey, Guelph Sports Journal

GUELPH — Canadian Olympian Korey Jarvis returned to the mat to win bronze at the Guelph Open wrestling meet at the Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre.

“It’s good to get back, my first tournament back from the Olympics,” Jarvis said at the meet. “There’s a little bit of rust on it, but it just gives me a little bit of motivation to start pushing forward before the Nationals, get back in better shape and work on some technical things that I’ve had some issues with.”

Jarvis, competing for the Guelph Wrestling Club, won bronze in the men’s 125 kg. class. He finished behind gold medalist Justin Grant of the New York Athletic Club and silver medalist Nolan Terrance of the University at Buffalo.

Jarvis had two wins and a loss at the Guelph Open to claim bronze. He won the bronze-medal match by injury default over Fredrick Choquette of Montreal YMHA. His loss was to eventual champion Grant in his opening bout.

“I had a tight one with one of the American guys,” Jarvis said. “He’s ranked up in the top 10 in the United States and I ended up losing 2-1 — a couple of minor mistakes on my part. I got out of position a couple of times when I was in an offensive position and didn’t score off them and I ended up losing the match because of it. Other than that, I’m feeling good.”

Jarvis has recently returned to practice after some down time following the Olympics at Rio de Janeiro.

“I took a little bit of time off, but I’ve been trying to get back to my regular schedule in the gym,” he said. “I’ve got Jordan Foley from the Gryphon football team and he wrote up a program for me so I’ve just been in the gym and doing stuff here and there in the cardio room and just back on the mats full time, also.”

Concentrating on wrestling on a full-time basis is something new for Jarvis and something that came out of his performance at Rio where he finished eighth in his weight class with a win and a couple of close losses to eventual medal winners.

“I’ve been trying to focus on full-time and I want to go for the next four years and I’m trying to go the next four years without working,” he said. “The last four years before this Olympics I was working full time. I’m trying to make it work. I’ve just got to refocus a little bit and get ready for the next step.”

Focusing on wrestling full time means most of his energy can go toward that and he can also work his wrestling around his home schedule.

“Before I was getting up at 5, now I can kind of take my time and pick my workouts and just kind of work around my daughter’s schedule with her school and stuff like that,” he said. “I can be able to train when she’s at school and be home when she’s home. That’s really good for me.”

Prior to the Rio Olympics, Jarvis wasn’t sure whether he’d continue competing in the sport after the Games were over.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do,” he said. “I didn’t say I was going to stop wrestling or I was going to keep going, but I was just kind of focused on that tournament at the time. I went down there and I had a decent showing. I finished eighth so that gives me a bit of funding and that’s kind of keeping me in this sport. Obviously, I feel if I can do this for the next four years without working, I can be more on top of my game and be head-to-head with those top guys in the world.”

One thing that has changed a bit is his beard as he’s got a bit of a Grizzly Adams look going as it’s been around nine months since he last trimmed it.

“The beard’s getting there,” he said. “I’ve always had the beard, but nothing like this. It’s good. It doesn’t get in the way.”

A pair of University of Guelph Gryphons also won medals at the meet.

Gracelynn Doogan was the silver medalist in the women’s 75 kg. class.

Rhiannon Digweed won bronze in women’s 63 kg.

Garrett Sales of GWC was fourth in men’s 61 kg.

D.J. Webb of GWC was fourth in men’s 86 kg.

Cierra Carere of the Gryphons was fourth in women’s 55 kg.

Kyle Robinson of the Gryphons was fifth in men’s 57 kg.

Alex Chaves of the Gryphons was fifth in men’s 70 kg.

Jade Papke of GWC was fifth in women’s 48 kg.

Elvir Uzunovic of GWC was sixth in men’s 61 kg.

Juan Peralta of GWC was sixth in men’s 74 kg.

Natassya Lu of the Gryphons was sixth in women’s 48 kg.