Retrogression gives Ross golfer D10 boys’ title

GUELPH – Matt Kribs of Ross loved retrogression Tuesday as it helped him win the District 10 high schools boys’ golf title at the championship meet at the Guelph Lakes Golf and Country Club.

Kribs was part of a six-way (yes, six-way) tie for top spot at the end of 18 holes of play. Kribs, Justin Faienza of Bishop Macdonell, Nathaniel Gray Lamont of Guelph CVI, Wes Gill of Ross, Matt Onik of Bishop Mac and Ethan Lawson of Orangeville each shot a round of 80.

Removing the score for the 18th hole left Kribs the winner as he scored 73 for the other 17 holes. Faienza and Gray Lamont were at 74 while the other three were at 75.

The tie between Faienza and Gray Lamont was broken by also taking the 17th hole out of the equation. That left Faienza at 71 for 16 holes and Gray Lamont at 72.

However, taking the 17th and 16th holes out of play didn’t break the tie between the other three who actually played in the same foursome. Removing the 15th gave Gill fourth, but Onik and Lawson were still tied. That tie remained with the 14th out of play, but was broken taking the 13th out with Onik getting fifth and Lawson sixth.

Jayne Gazzola of St. James captured the D10 girls’ crown with a round of 102. Sarah Conley of GCVI was second at 107 and Jordan Occhiuto of Bishop Mac was third at 109

Ranen Oomen-Danckert of Erin took the D4 boys’ title with a round of 76 while Noah Aitken of Norwell was second at 80 and Mark Cripps of Erin third at 82. Cripps won the place by retrogression over Luke Cowen of Norwell who also shot an 82. That tie was broken by removing the score for the 18th hole.

Emily Harlond of Westside had the low round of the day as she shot 75 to win the D4 girls’ title. Morgan Rutlege of Centre Dufferin was second at 84 and Madison Ouellete of Westside third at 88.

It’s not the first time a girl has scored the low round at the D4/10 championships as Brittany Marchand of Orangeville won in 2009 with a round of 66 at Wildwinds Golf Club in Fergus.

Boys’ team champions were declared in both districts.

The Ross One team of Gill, Kribs, Jordan Prior and Jon Howie won the D10 boys’ team title with a score of 242. Centre Wellington One squad of Zach Burt, Tyler May, Ethan Gore and Ben Bell was second at 246, a score matched by the Orangeville One team of Lawson, Luke Bauman, Dylan Ciappara and Patrick Burke. That tie was broken by the lowest score of the fourth golfer on each team.

That tie-breaking format was also needed to settle a fourth-place tie between Bishop Mac One and Guelph CVI One with a berth at next week’s CWOSSA tournament at stake. Both teams shot 247 and Bishop Mac won the tie-breaker. Members of the team were Onik, Faienza, Dayten Lylyk and Mike Pollard.

Norwell One won the D4 boys’ team title with a score of 252 while Erin One was second at 260 and Westside Two third at 282.

Cowen, Parker Miller, Aitken and Alex Mock were on Norwell One while Erin One was Oomen-Danckert, Cripps, Alec Lehto and Spencer Bulizo and Westside Two was Carter Giles, Daniel Massey, Gavin Nix and Kieran Gagnon.

Top four D10 boys’ teams, top four boys who were not members of the top four teams and the top nine girls in D10 gained berths in next week’s CWOSSA boys’ and girls’ championship tournaments. They’ll be joined from D4 by the top two boys’ teams, top four boys who weren’t on the top two teams and the top five girls.

The individual boys to qualify for CWOSSA were Onik, Faienza, Evan Lesyk of Centennial and Gavin Roberts of Bishop Mac in D10 and the Westside foursome of Gavin Nix, Matt DeJong, Andrew Reynolds and Kieran Gagnon in D4.

D10 girls to qualify were Gazzola, Conley, Occhiuto, the GCVI trio of Darcy Kirkup, Olivia Farfaras and Lily Whitney-Neil and Bishop Mac’s Holly Steeneveld.

D4 girls to qualify were Harlond, Rutlege, Ouellete, Honey Lawrie of Wellington Heights and Ashton MacDonald of Centre Dufferin.

Both CWOSSA tournaments are to be held at the Listowel Golf Club with the girls going Sept. 26 and the boys going the following day.


D4/10 Golf Championships Scores

Ross One 242
Orangeville One 246
Centre Wellington One 246
Bishop Macdonell One 247
Guelph CVI One 247
Guelph CVI Two 251
Centennial One 268
Bishop Macdonell Two 276
St. James One 283
Centennial Two 285
Centre Wellington Two 289
Lourdes Two 298
Ross Two 299
Orangeville Two 302
Lourdes One 310
Norwell One 252
Erin One 260
Westside Two 282
Westside One 283
Centre Dufferin One 297
Matt Kribs, Ross 37-43–80
Justin Faienza, Bishop Macdonell 39-41–80
Nathaniel Gray Lamont, Guelph CVI 40-40–80
Wes Gill, Ross 36-44–80
Matt Onik, Bishop Macdonell 39-41–80
Ethan Lawson, Orangeville 42-38–80
Jacob Kush, Guelph CVI 40-41–81
Zach Burt, Centre Wellington 38-43–81
Ben Bell, Centre Wellington 36-46–82
Jordan Prior, Ross 40-42–82
Ethan Gore, Centre Wellington 41-42–83
Patrick Burke, Orangeville 39-44–83
Quinn Anderson, Guelph CVI 41-42–83
Luke Bauman, Orangeville 39-44–83
Landon Young, Guelph CVI 39-45–84
Kyle Bergstrom, Guelph CVI 40-45–85
Rhys Collins, Guelph CVI 42-43–85
Tyler May, Centre Wellington 40-45–85
Scott Wilson, Guelph CVI 40-45–85
Jon Howie, Ross 41-45–86
Dylan Ciappara, Orangeville 43-43–86
Evan Lesyk, Centennial 40-46–86
Gavin Roberts, Bishop Macdonell 42-45–87
Dayten Lylyk, Bishop Macdonell 43-44–87
Clayton Duchesne, Centre Wellington 43-45–88
Aidan McVittie, Centennial 43-46–89
Zach Snider, Centennial 44-45–89
Tyler Toomey, St. James 41-49–90
Mike Pollard, Bishop Macdonell 41-50–91
Vincent Ferguson Pecora, St. James 44-48–92
Ishaq Patel, Centennial 43-50–93
Will DeCorso, Bishop Macdonell 46-47–93
Kyle Young, Centre Wellington 45-49–94
Joel Snider, Centennial 40-54–94
Ryan Ritchie, Centennial 50-46–96
Curtis Coulson, Lourdes 51-45–96
Angelo Maggiolo, Bishop Macdonell 48-48–96
Luke Creighton, Lourdes 49-48–97
Alexander Ball, St. James 45-52–97
Aidan Ellacott, Orangeville 48-49–97
Michael Carano, Guelph CVI 46-51–97
Ty Anselmini, Lourdes 48-50–98
Bradley McLeod, Ross 48-50–98
Sean Dimstra, Ross 49-51–100
Kurt Bieber, St. James 48-53–101
Chris Cabeldu, Ross 50-51–101
Zach St. Amand, Centennial 49-53–102
Logan Leslie, Orangeville 50-52–102
Spencer Wright, Lourdes 47-56–103
Joshua Hutt, St. James 48-55–103
Kevin Charland, Ross 46-57–103
Zach Goodchild, Centennial 51-52–103
Connor Greenwood, Orangeville 52-51–103
Mateo Roque, Lourdes 54-52–106
Kyle Harkins, Centre Wellington 55-52–107
Tyler Stoltz, Lourdes 52-56–108
Cole Simkins, Lourdes 54-54–108
Teagan Clark, Lourdes 51-58–109
James Malone, Bishop Macdonell 51-59–110
Jack Robertson, Orangeville 49-62–111
Matthew Polo, St. James 62-50–112
Jayne Gazzola, St. James 49-53–102
Sarah Conley, Guelph CVI 51-56–107
Jordan Occhiuto, Bishop Macdonell 53-56–109
Darcy Kirkup, Guelph CVI 56-57–113
Olivia Farfaras, Guelph CVI 59-56–115
Lily Whitney-Neil, Guelph CVI 63-54–117
Holly Steeneveld, Bishop Macdonell 59-59–118
Jessica Rea, Bishop Macdonell 61-59–120
Mei Jian Yah, Bishop Macdonell 64-59–123
Janine Crelpaca, St. James 60-65–125
Caitlin Krasinski, St. James 65-60–125
Claire Kissick, Centre Wellington 60-65–125
Alex Hooper, Bishop Macdonell 61-66–127
Julia Burns, Bishop Macdonell 67-60–127
Ashley Caissie, Bishop Macdonell 61-67–128
Tyla Timlock, Bishop Macdonell 65-65–130
Hannah Miller, St. James 67-68–135
Lauren Hinchliffe, Bishop Macdonell 69-67–136
Blair French, Centre Wellington 68-71–139
Megan Diamantopoulos, Ross 69-72–141
Paige Keller, Centennial 77-92–169
Ranen Oomen-Danckert, Erin 36-40–76
Noah Aitken, Norwell 40-40–80
Mark Cripps, Erin 42-40–82
Luke Cowen, Norwell 39-43–82
Parker Miller, Norwell 47-43–90
Gavin Nix, Westside 42-50–92
Matt DeJong, Westside 46-47–93
Alex Mock, Norwell 45-48–93
Andrew Reynolds, Westside 47-47–94
Kieran Gagnon, Westside 44-51–95
Ethan Andrews, Wellington Heights 49-46–95
Carter Moroney, Centre Dufferin 50-45–95
Daniel Massey, Westside 50-45–95
Mackenzie Rahn, Westside 50-46–96
Ty Duncan, Wellington Heights 43-55–98
Nolan Quinton, Westside 48-51–99
Carter Giles, Westside 47-52–99
Noah Milsap, Centre Dufferin 50-49–99
Spencer Bulizo, Erin 54-48–102
Nicholas Bannon, Centre Dufferin 48-55–103
Alec Lehto, Erin 52-55–107
William Collette, Erin 50-59–109
Colin Turk, Erin 60-59–119
Emily Harlond, Westside 36-39–75
Morgan Rutlege, Centre Dufferin 39-45–84
Madison Ouellete, Westside 40-48–88
Honey Lawrie, Wellington Heights 49-52–101
Ashton MacDonald, Centre Dufferin 50-59–109
Franny McGowan, Centre Dufferin 61-63–124
Wiley McGowan, Centre Dufferin 64-62–126
Jessie Cuthbert, Erin 68-68–136
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