Speed River cyclists take Guelph Cross class wins

GUELPH — Gordon Drewitt of Guelph’s Speed River Cycling Club won the Master 3 Men’s class in a photo finish at Saturday’s Guelph Cross cycling meet at the Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

Drewitt completed the 13.6-kilometre cross-country race in 36 minutes and nine seconds to finish second in a combined Elite 4/Master 3 men’s race. Brandon Livingston of Hamilton’s Lantern Rouge team was the overall winner at 35:14. He competed in Elite 4.

Alex Sanchez of the Lapdogs Cycling Club of Toronto, competing in the Master 3 class, recorded a time equal to Drewitt’s, but was judged to be second in class and third overall. Drewitt had the fifth-fastest times on the first and fourth laps of the four-lap event and the second-fastest times on the second and third laps. The combined race had a field of 33.

Of the other Speed River cyclists in the race, Lorenz Calcagno was 14th overall and ninth in Master 3 in 38:02, Gordon Skinner was 16th overall and 10th in Master 3 in 38:10, Robert Nespolo was 17th overall and 11th in Master 3 in 38:37.

Independent rider Cameron Mahon of Guelph was 17th in Master 3 Men in 41:08. Joel Lee of Guelph, riding for the Waterloo Cycling Club, was 12th in Master 3 Men in 38:59.

Leslie Dart of Speed River won the under-23 women’s 13.6 km race in 39:40.

Kirsten Cooper of Speed River was fourth in the Master women’s class in 43:49. Trish Snyder of Lantern Rouge won in 40:08.

Michael Dennis of Speed River was fifth in the Master 1 men’s 27.2 km. race in 1:09:12. Independent cyclist Derek Hardinge won in 1:03:38.

Alex Lefebvre of Speed River was ninth in the Elite 1&2 men’s 27.2 km race in 1:06:47. Erik Box of Cycles Devinci of Etobicoke won in 1:03:01.

Connor McInnis of Toronto’s Midweek Cycling Club won the peewee boys 6.8 km. race in 25:15.

Owen Flood of Haliburton’s Arrow Racing won the Elite 3 men’s 17 km race in 42:07.

Solomon Amos of Toronto’s Morning Glory Cycling Club won the Master 2 men’s 17 km race in 42:16.

Miriam Brouwer of The Cyclery-Opus of Burlington won the elite women’s 13.6 km. race in 36:24.

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Guelph’s Mark Chappel of the Waspcam team was seventh in Master 2 men’s 17 km. race in 44:24.

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