Three Gryphons qualify for U Sports national swimming meet

GUELPH — Three members of the Guelph Gryphons recorded times that qualified them for the U Sports swimming championships at the weekend’s OUA Fairweather Division Championships at the Gryphon Aquatics Centre.

The U Sports championships are to be held Feb. 24-27 at Sherbrooke, Que.

Emily Anzai and Olympian Evan Van Moerkerke each qualified in three events while Samantha Anderson qualified in one. Van Moerkerke qualified in the men’s 50 metre freestyle, 100m freestyle and 200m freestyle while Anzai qualified in the women’s 200m backstroke, 100m backstroke and 50m backstroke and Anderson qualified in the women’s 200m breaststroke.

The Gryphs collected a total of nine medals at the divisional meet, three of each hue.

Van Moerkerke won the men’s 200m freestyle and 100m freestyle and was second in the 50m freestyle while Anzai won the women’s 200m backstroke, was second in the 100m backstroke and placed third in the 50m backstroke and Leili Tilvaldyeva was third in the women’s 100m breaststroke. The other medals came in relay events as the Gryphs were second in the women’s 200m medley relay and third in the men’s 200m freestyle relay.

Several Gryphons had top five finishes.

Anderson was fourth in the women’s 100m breaststroke and fifth in the 200m breaststroke.

Sasha Kennedy was fourth in the women’s 50m butterfly and fifth in the 100m butterfly.

Maria Fernanda Far was fifth in the women’s 200m butterfly and 400m individual medley.

Tara Mallory was fifth in the women’s 200m backstroke, 400m freestyle and 800m freestyle.

Philip Vranic finished fifth in the men’s 200m freestyle.

Lucas Liberty was fifth in the men’s 50m breaststroke.

The Gryphons were fourth in the men’s 400m freestyle relay and fifth in the women’s 200m freestyle and 200m medley relays.

The Gryphs finished third in the women’s team standings with 620 points and fifth in the men’s team standings at 397. Toronto won both as the Varsity Blues women had 1,066 points and the men had 1,069.5.

The following are Gryphon results from the meet and the team standings.


OUA Fairweather Division Championships
Samantha Anderson: 4th (100m breast), 5th (200m breast), 8th (400m IM), 9th (50m breast)
Emily Anzai: 1st (200m back), 2nd (100m back), 3rd (50m back), 10th (50m fly)
Keri-Lyn Copeland: 10th (800m free), 12th (200m fly), 18th (400m free), 24th (200m free)
Victoria Di Caro: 14th (50m fly, 50m back), 17th (100m back)
Carlena Eye: 18th (100m free), 19th (50m free), 22nd (200m free)
Maria Fernanda Far: 5th (200m fly, 400m IM), 9th (400m free), 13th (200m free)
Aysu Gundogan: 9th (800m free), 10th (400m IM), 17th (400m free), 20th (200m free)
Sasha Kennedy: 4th (50m fly), 5th (100m fly), 8th (50m free), 13th (100m free)
Jacqueline Lukasik: 11th (50m fly), 12th (100m fly), 20th (100m free), 25th (50m free)
Grace Mackie: 16th (50m breast), 20th (100m breast), 34th (100m free, 50m free)
Tara Mallory: 5th (200m back, 400m free, 800m free), 9th (200m free)
Sophia Papadedes: 7th (200m IM, 400m IM), 9th (200m fly), 14th (200m free)
Kennedy Russell: 16th (200m back), 19th (400m free), 21st (200m free), 30th (100m free)
Katherine Scheuermann: 6th (100m fly), 8th (200m fly), 9th (200m IM), 19th (200m breast)
Leili Tilvaldyeva: 3rd (100m breast), 5th (50m breast), 6th (200m breast)
Shania Van Herk: 8th (100m back, 50m fly), 11th (200m back), 12th (50m back)
Samantha Young: 7th (100m free), 9th (50m free), 13th (100m breast)
Guelph A: 2nd (200m medley relay), 5th (200m free relay), 6th (400m free relay)
Guelph B: 5th (200m medley relay), 7th (400m free relay), 9th (200m free relay)
Daniel Barros: 15th (200m free), 18th (50m fly), 24th (50m free, 100m free)
Brady Barrow: 9th (200m fly), 16th (200m back), 19th (100m fly, 50m fly)
William Boulter: 14th (50m breast), 16th (200m breast), 18th (50m free), 21st (100m breast)
Mikhail Dereviankin: 17th (50m breast), 23rd (100m breast), 30th (50m free), 38th (100m free)
Jacob Dosen: 8th (50m breast), 15th (100m breast, 200m breast, 400m IM)
Daniel Johnston: 21st (200m free), 25th (50m fly), 27th (50m free), 35th (100m free)
Prisco Ju: 7th (50m breast), 9th (200m breast), 14th (100m breast)
Samuel Kuntz: 7th (100m back), 11th (50m back), 14th (200m back), 21st (200m IM)
Lucas Liberty: 5th (50m breast), 12th (100m breast), 14th (200m breast)
Andrew Misner: 18th (50m breast), 25th (100m breast), 33rd (50m free), 39th (100m free)
Simon Paisley: 17th (50m fly, 100m fly), 28th (100m free)
Harrison Potvin: 19th (200m breast, 50m breast), 24th (100m breast), 40th (100m free)
Daniel Reardon: 12th (50m free), 16th (100m fly), 22nd (100m free)
Rafael Rodrigo Rozo: 8th (200m fly), 14th (1500m free, 100m fly), 16th (400m free)
Evan Van Moerkerke: 1st (200m free, 100m free), 2nd (50m free)
Philip Vranic: 5th (200m free), 8th (100m free), 12th (400m free), 20th (50m free)
Aidan Zagar: 13th (100m back), 15th (200m back), 16th (400m IM), 18th (200m IM)
Myles Zagar: 8th (1500m free), 10th (400m IM), 12th (200m IM)
Guelph A: 3rd (200m free relay), 4th (400m free relay), 7th (200m medley relay)
Guelph B: 7th (400m free relay), 8th (200m free relay), 10th (200m medley relay)
Women: 1. Toronto 1,066; 2. Western 620.5; 3. Guelph 620; 4. McMaster 461; 5. Ottawa 460.5
Men: 1. Toronto 1,069.5; 2. Western 704; 3. Ottawa 558.5; 4. McMaster 521; 5. Guelph 397


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