D10 names its football all-stars

GUELPH – A total of 17 players who played in this year’s District 10 high school football league’s championship game were named to the league’s all-star team.

The championship-winning St. James Lions had eight players named to the all-star squad while the Centennial Spartans had nine.

The all-star squad was named this week. Major award winners are usually announced at a banquet in January.

Lions named to the team were offensive linemen Dante Sirio and Josh Mencfeld, receiver Jose Martirena, running back Tanner Nelmes, defensive lineman Peter Czachor, linebacker Pawel Szymanski, defensive back Ethan Fish and team all-star Alex Baseggio. Each team got to pick one player from its roster that it thought worthy of being an all-star.

Spartans named to the team were offensive lineman Malachi Rietberg, receiver Hadi El-Miari, quarterback Daniel Brown, defensive linemen Andrew Riley and Seamus Milligan, linebacker Luis Alfieri, defensive back Thomas Ness, punter/kicker Ben Lane and team all-star Drake Davis.

Bishop Macdonell Celtics placed six on the team — offensive lineman Ryan Matteis, receiver Nick Guardiero, defensive lineman Sebastian Szymanski, linebacker Harry Shoniker, defensive back Brendan Perozzo and team all-star Caelen Fraser.

Five Guelph CVI Green Gaels were named to the team. They were offensive lineman Calvin Downey, running back Ben Boddy, linebacker Enzo Njo, defensive back Nathan Dixon and team all-star Trevor Keough.

The Lourdes Crusaders and Ross Royals each had two on the team. Picked from Lourdes were receiver Zachary DeCorso and team all-star Jack St. Hilaire. Selected from Ross were special teams player Leo Finoro and team all-star Adam Shoemaker.


District 10 Football All-Stars
Offensive Line
Malachi Rietberg (Centennial)
Ryan Matteis (Bishop Macdonell)
Dante Sirio (St. James)
Calvin Downey (Guelph CVI)
Josh Mencfeld (St. James)
Zachary DeCorso (Lourdes)
Nick Guardiero (Bishop Macdonell)
Hadi El-Miari (Centennial)
Jose Martirena (St. James).
Daniel Brown (Centennial)
Running Back
Tanner Nelmes (St. James)
Ben Boddy (Guelph CVI)
Defensive Line
Peter Czachor (St. James)
Andrew Riley (Centennial)
Seamus Milligan (Centennial)
Sebastian Szymanski (Bishop Macdonell)
Pawel Szymanski (St. James)
Harry Shoniker (Bishop Macdonell)
Enzo Njo (Guelph CVI)
Luis Alfieri (Centennial)
Defensive Back
Ethan Fish (St. James)
Brendan Perozzo (Bishop Macdonell)
Thomas Ness (Centennial)
Nathan Dixon (Guelph CVI)
Special Teams
Ben Lane (Centennial)
Leo Finoro (Ross)
Team All-Star
Drake Davis (Centennial)
Alex Baseggio (St. James)
Adam Shoemaker (Ross)
Jack St. Hilaire (Lourdes)
Caelen Fraser (Bishop Macdonell)
Trevor Keough (Guelph CVI)


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