Four gold for Marlins at ManSask meet

WINNIPEG – Members of the Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club have struck gold four times during the opening two days of the ManSask long course provincial swimming championships at the Pan Am Pool.

The Marlins have claimed a total of 18 medals as they’ve also won six silver and eight bronze.

All four gold medals have been won in the boys’ 13-and-under class – two by Colin Campbell and one each by twins Marcus and William Beckstead-Holman.

Campbell won the 1,500-metres freestyle in 18:08.64 and 400m free in 4:37.84. Clubmate Ethan Mark was 19th in the 400m free.

Marcus Beckstead-Holman won the 200m breaststroke in 2:43.93 while Mark was 15th.

William Beckstead-Holman won the 50m free in 26.78 while Campbell was second in 26.88. Mark was 31st.

Kristen Quigley won silver in the girls’ 15-and-over’s 100m butterfly in 1:05.05. Britney Dortona was 11th and Claire Campbell 13th.

Colin Campbell was second in the boys’ 13-and-under’s 100m fly in 1:03.89. Clubmate William Beckstead-Holman was third in 1:03.98 while Thomas Steele was 15th.

Russell Burton placed second in the boys’ 14-15’s 200m breast in 2:34.26.

William Beckstead-Holman was second in the boys’ 13-and-under’s 100m backstroke in 1:06.24 while brother Marcus was third in 1:06.95 and Thomas Steele was 16th.

The Beckstead-Holman twins, Thomas Steele and Colin Campbell combined to give the Marlins a second-place finish in the boys’ 13-and-under’s 200m free relay.

William Barrett won bronze in the boys’ 16-and-over’s 200m breast in 2:28.12. James Steele was fourth in 2:32.92 and Jaxon Konrad was 11th.

Dortona was third in the girls’ 15-and-over’s 50m free in 28.00.

James Steele placed third in the boys’ 16-and-over’s 1,500m free in 17:30.81.

Sydney Conrad was third in the girls’ 13-14’s 100m fly in 1:07.96 while Stables was 20th.

The Marlins also won bronze in a pair of 200m free relays.

The team of Sydney Conrad, Nyah Stables, Hanna Schlotzhauer and Gabriella Pollock was third in the girls’ 13-14 200m free relay in 1:56.95. Guelph’s second team of Lily Pierce, Elise Schlotzhauer, Aluki Chupik-Hall and Allana Conrad, Allana was 17th.

James Steele, Ryan Jensen, Burton and Barrett were third in the boys’ 16-and-over’s 200m free relay in 1:42.81. The team of Owen Van Riet Paap, Papadedes, Thomas McDonald and Dante Di Lello was ninth.

The Marlins are fourth in the team standings with 791 points. They trail the Regina Optimist Dolphins (1,551), Manta Swim Club (940.5) and University of Manitoba Bisons (827).

The meet continues throughout the weekend.



The following are Marlins results from the first two days of the meet.
Boys 13 & Under
Marcus Beckstead-Holman: 1st (200m breast), 3rd (100m back)
William Beckstead-Holman: 1st (50m free), 2nd (100m back), 3rd (100m fly)
Colin Campbell: 1st (1,500m free, 400m free), 2nd (50m free, 100m fly)
Ethan Mark: 15th (200m breast), 19th (400m free), 31st (50m free)
Thomas Steele: 15th (100m fly), 16th (100m back)
Relay: 2nd (200m free relay: Marcus Beckstead-Holman, Thomas Steele, William Beckstead-Holman, Colin Campbell)
Boys 14-15
Russell Burton: 2nd (200m breast), 6th (400m free)
Thomas McDonald: 4th (100m fly), 10th (100m back)
Boys 16 & Over
James Steele: 3rd (1,500m free), 4th (200m breast)
Boys 16 & Over
William Barrett: 3rd (200m breast), 11th (50m free)
Dante Di Lello: 11th (100m fly), 29th (50m free)
Ryan Jensen: 4th (100m fly preliminaries), 5th (100m back)
Jaxon Konrad: 10th (100m fly), 11th (200m breast)
Dimitri Papadedes: 8th (100m fly, 400m free)
Owen Van Riet Paap: 13th (100m fly), 28th (50m free)
Relay: 3rd (200m free relay: James Steele, Ryan Jensen, Russell Burton, William Barrett), 9th (200m free relay: Owen Van Riet Paap, Dimitri Papadedes, Thomas McDonald, Dante Di Lello)
Girls 12 & Under
Lily Pierce: 13th (50m free), 15th (100m back)
Elise Schlotzhauer: 50th (50m free)
Girls 13-14
Aluki Chupik-Hall: 19th (200m breast), 61st (50m free)
Allana Conrad: 23rd (100m back), 53rd (50m free)
Sydney Conrad: 3rd (100m fly), 8th (100m back)
Gabriella Pollock: 4th (50m free), 8th (100m back)
Hanna Schlotzhauer: 4th (1,500m free), 14th (200m breast), 18th (400m free)
Nyah Stables: 20th (100m fly), 26th (100m back)
Relay: 3rd (200m free relay: Sydney Conrad, Nyah Stables, Hanna Schlotzhauer, Gabriella Pollock), 17th (200m free relay: Lily Pierce, Elise Schlotzhauer, Aluki Chupik-Hall, Allana Conrad)
Girls 15 & Over
Laura Bumbulis: 7th (200m breast), 12th (400m free)
Claire Campbell: 9th (400m free), 13th (100m fly)
Britney Dortona: 3rd (50m free), 6th (400m free), 11th (100m fly)
Kristen Quigley: 2nd (100m fly), 4th (400m free preliminaries)
Relay: 5th (200m free relay: Kristen Quigley, Britney Dortona, Laura Bumbulis, Claire Campbell)


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