Golden déjà vu for Jarvis at Canada Cup

Rob Massey, Guelph Sports Journal

GUELPH – Guelph Olympian Korey Jarvis left Saturday’s Canada Cup international wrestling tournament at the Guelph Gryphons Athletic Centre with a feeling of déjà vu.

“The only thing I was discouraged with is we have this international tournament and it’s in my hometown and I’m expecting to get some good matches and I get three Canadians in my weight class,” he said after winning the men’s 125-kilogram class. “It’s a little bit discouraging because I’m training to beat the best in the world and when I come here, it’s basically the Senior Nationals all over again. The guy I wrestled in the semifinals was the guy I wrestled in the semifinals at Nationals and the guy I wrestled in the finals is the guy I wrestled in the finals at Nationals. It’s a little bit repetitive.”

Jarvis defeated Sean Molle of Burnaby Mountain club in the final after beating Frederick Choquette of Montreal YMHA in the semifinals.

“They were good matches,” Jarvis said. “I learned some things. The coach and I talked about some things and there are some things we need to work on going forward, but it’s always nice to get those international matches and challenge myself and climb that ladder. I was a little discouraged with that, but overall it was a good day.”

There was a lengthy delay in the final minute of the second and final round of the championship match as the judges got together to determine the number of points Jarvis scored on a move after Molle’s corner asked for a review. Jarvis had originally been awarded three points, but it was knocked down to two after the review.

“It was good and bad,” Jarvis said of the break. “I kind of refocused, but I feel I’m in better shape than that guy so he kind of got a break. I felt he was really tired after two minutes, so that big break kind of helped him a little bit, but I was focused and I came in ready to score more points after that and I took him down again and turned him twice. It felt good.”

Jarvis and Garett Sales were the lone Guelph Wrestling Club members to reach the Canada Cup finals. Sales won silver in the men’s 61 kg. class after losing to Steve Takahashi of London Western in the championship match.

Saturday, Jarvis looked a little faster than he has in his previous home meets. One of the lighter wrestlers in the heavyweight class, speed has to be part of his game.

“I have been working on a few things,” he said. “My strength coach, Jordan Foley, and I have been working on a lot of things trying to get stronger and faster. We’re just trying to get better. The coaches in the room, we’re always working on things, new shots and new tactics to beat the best guys.”

Jarvis repeated as Canadian champion at the Nationals in St. Catharines in March and he won bronze at the Senior Pan Am Championships at Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, in May. There he defeated Edgardo Juan Lopez Morell of Puerto Rico 11-1 in the opening round, lost 9-0 to Dominique Bradley of the U.S. in the semifinals and downed Catriel Pehuen Muriel of Argentina 11-0 in the bronze-medal match.

“We’re going to Spain next week to wrestle in another international tournament and then a week-long training camp,” Jarvis said. “That will be a good lead-up to the world championships. Then I’ll be back in town for about a month where I’m going to try to get some Americans to come up and train with me for a week or so just to have some different partners and some different feels in the wrestling room here.”

Jarvis is to compete in the Grand Prix of Spain at Madrid July 15 and 16 and the world championships at Paris Aug. 21 to 26.

“I’m always trying to get that podium, that’s the main goal,” Jarvis said. “We’ll go out there, see how Spain goes. We want to have a really good showing and that’s the best we can ask for right now.”