Gryphon soccer women eke out win in preseason opener

GUELPH – The Guelph Gryphons opened their OUA women’s soccer preseason by squeezing out a 2-1 victory over the Sheridan Bruins Thursday night at the Gryphon Soccer Complex.

All three goals in the game came in the second half with Sheridan scoring in the final minute of the match.

“We’ve got some players in on trial and we’ve got some young players. I think it’s just a good opportunity for us to evaluate inside of a game situation,” Gryphon coach Shayne Campbell said. “Sheridan’s a good side and it was a good test. Once they started to settle a little bit in the second half, some of the opportunities started to come. It took us a good half to kind of get ourselves out. Camp is a nervous time for everybody and we always have to remember that.”

The match completed the second day of the Gryphs’ camp. While it hasn’t been much time for the players, the coaches have started to notice some things.

“You get some tendencies that you start to see and little things you can already start to work on with individual players,” Campbell said. “For some of our first-year players, you can get a sense of some of the things you want them to work on and then for some of our players on trial, you see some tendencies with them and that’s something that these games are really important for because it’s hard to simulate that in training. This gives you a really good look.”

The Gryphs do have a lot of players in camp and they’ll be looking to get down to a workable number to get ready for their Aug. 31 season opener against the York Lions at York.

“We’ve got 32 players in at camp and it’s just important because you want to get time for all of these players to be able to show themselves,” Campbell said. “The most important thing for a player coming into a camp is that they want to feel that they had the opportunity to show their best self so you’ve got to get them into these games. If you bring everybody, then it’s hard to give everybody that kind of time. It gave us a bit of a chance to do some evaluation this evening. We’ll get ready as we have Carleton in here on Saturday.”

Many of the players back from last year didn’t suit up for the preseason opener. The Gryphs had 29 players on their roster last year and only three are ineligible to play this year due to using up all five of their years of eligibility. More returnees will be in the lineup in their next preseason game against the Carleton Ravens Saturday.

“You’ll see a lot of the players that were out tonight will come back in and we’ll keep a number of these players as well,” Campbell said. “We’ll try and see how they start to gel. With some of the new players, it gives us the opportunity to try a couple of things, try players in different positions. We saw a couple of things out here tonight that were really exciting for us in terms of what we can see.”

The Gryphs do have two more preseason games, both on the weekend. They’re to host Carleton Saturday at 3 p.m. and then play the Ryerson Rams at Toronto Sunday at 1:15 p.m.


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