Laundry shakes off rust in indoor triathlon

GUELPH – For Guelph pro triathlete Jackson Laundry, Sunday’s Guelph Indoor Triathlon gave him a good chance to shake off a little of the winter rust.

“It’s January and I’m pretty out of shape and it feels a lot harder to do the same kind of efforts I was doing (outside),” he said shortly after finishing the indoor event. “But it’s just good to get a race in and local is fun and get a hard effort in and start getting used to that pain again.”

There were several differences between the indoor and outdoor versions of triathlon.

“It’s a lot different because you’ve got a break in between each swim, bike and run,” Laundry said. “That feels different and you can kind of push it a little more toward the end of each of the legs because you don’t have to worry about starting the next one right away.”

Also, each discipline had the exact same time of competition as each lasted 15 minutes. Outside, the cycling is always the most important as it lasts the longest, with the swimming being the shortest.

“The bike is tough because it’s really hot and you don’t have a fan,” Laundry said. “You feel it’s hotter than any outside race you’d ever do save for Kona (Hawaii) or something like that. That’s really different and it feels your head is going to explode.

“But it’s actually pretty cool in the building so on the run it feels nice because you’ve got a pretty good breeze. It is nice that you don’t have to worry about if it’s going to rain or anything like that.”

Outside in 2018, Laundry had wins in the Ironman 70.3 Raleigh, Guelph Lake One sprint triathlon, Wasaga Beach sprint and Olympic triathlons and Niagara Falls Barrelman triathlon. He also had three other Ironman 70.3 podium finishes.

“It was a good year,” he said. “I was really happy with the way I improved from previous and got on some more podiums and that was a goal. This year it’s just going to trying to get some more wins and compete at the high level and maybe try to get a top-10 at Worlds.”

The same day Laundry won in Raleigh, training partner Cody Beals was victorious in Subaru Ironman 70.3 Victoria.

“That was great,” Laundry said. “I like to train with Cody. We especially get together pretty much every Sunday for a hard run. That’s a pretty good workout as we can push each other there.

“In the summer or the spring once we’re outside, we do a ride together on Saturdays and maybe once or twice a week in the pool we’re doing the same workout. It’s just good to get together for those harder sessions when you need somebody to push you there – somebody you know you can push each other without worrying about making it a competition. You’re just there to help each other.”

The pair often end up in races together and the results between the two have probably been pretty even over the years.

“We cheer for each other,” Laundry said. “We’re OK with one day he’s kicking my butt on the run and the next day maybe I’m doing better on the bike or something. We don’t really care. We just use each other for energy.”

The whole idea of training together is to help each other improve.

Laundry’s outdoor season is to kick off with the Challenge Salou, a half triathlon in Spain April 7.

“That’s my first pro race,” he said. “Up until then it’s pretty much all training. I’m going to go down to Florida for a training camp and pretty much just keep building the fitness. Today was a good effort, but it definitely shows me where I need to keep working and getting stronger again.”


  • Guelph Sports Journal