Pust spoils Elf’s dream of Guelph Lake sweep

GUELPH – Dylan Pust of the Guelph-based LPC Triathlon Club ruined Jessey The Elf’s planned sweep of the weekend’s Subaru Triathlon Series’ Guelph Lake One triathlons Sunday.

“It was a very hard race,” Pust said. “There was no let up until the final 400 metres, probably. It was on from the gun. It was good.”

Pust, a 21-year-old University of Guelph human kinetics student from Durham, claimed the win in Sunday’s sprint triathlon, finishing the event in 58:02.8. That was 12 seconds faster than Waterdown’s Elf, the winner of Saturday’s Guelph Lake One Olympic triathlon.

Ian MacKinnon of Hamilton was third, the only other competitor to finish in under an hour as he was clocked in at 58:52.6.

Top female finisher, 22nd overall, was Sayaka Tiessen of Waterloo in 1:11:23.7. She was more than two minutes ahead of Sara McIlraith of Lively, Ont.

“Props to Jessey,” Prust said. “The main thing is he is biking a lot better, but he’s also very challenging on the run now. I don’t have the confidence that I can take three minutes off him on the run. We ran very close in time, which is good.”

The top three in the race were the first three out of the water, MacKinnon leading Pust by a second and Elf by 17 seconds.

Elf was the faster of the three on the bike as he was clocked in 18 seconds ahead of MacKinnon and 55 seconds ahead of Pust who was hampered by competing on a road bike.

“That made it very hard for me. I knew Jessey was probably going to gap me, so my goal was to be within a minute off the bike, which I was. I was about 45 seconds (behind) starting the run.

“Mainly, it’s aerodynamics,” Pust said of the difference between a racing bike and a road bike. “Basically, you can get in a better position where the wind drag affecting your body is less and you can go faster because aero is the name of the game on the bike out there. Luckily for me, it was a very calm day and it wasn’t as much of an effect.”

Pust won the race by being exactly a minute faster than Elf on the run and 82 seconds faster than MacKinnon. Fourth-place finisher Isaac Dobos of Oshawa had the fastest run, 21 seconds quicker than Pust.

The race was Pust’s second triathlon of the year, his first one being in Richmond, B.C., about a month ago.

“I had a big training block and me and Jessey are actually racing each,” he said. “Two weekends from now we’ll be racing each other four weekends in a row. There’s lots of Jesse time coming up.”

Both are racing in the Continental Cup series and both match up well against one another in the races.

“We’re very close in ability levels across the three disciplines – especially in the swim,” Pust said. “We’re very equal in the swim. He’s probably a better biker than me.”

That the pair is close in the swim shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Elf is a former University of Guelph varsity swimmer while Pust is currently a member of the Gryphon varsity squad.

Garvin Moses of Mississauga won the sprint duathlon in 1:01:07.9 while top female was Angelika Grodna-Pantera of Oakville in 1:13:51.7.

Omer Burak Kinay of Waterloo took the sprint swim/bike in 49:08.8 while Meghan Scott of Cambridge was top female finisher in 57:41.0.

Team DZ Scrambled Legs won the sprint relay in 1:08:46.8.

Next event in the series is the Niagara triathlon July 28.


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