Regals Chuck Miller Invitational this weekend

GUELPH – The annual Guelph Regals Chuck Miller Invitational minor lacrosse tournament is to start Friday at 11 a.m. at the West End arena.

This year’s tournament features 32 teams representing 16 communities.

The host Regals will be represented in each of the five categories – tyke, novice, peewee, bantam and midget.

The Centre Wellington Mohawks have a team entered in novice.

Other communities represented are Barrie, Cambridge, Cornwall, Halton, Hamilton, Kingston, London, Milton, North Perth, Peterborough, Sarnia, Six Nations, Wallaceburg and Whitby.

Play Friday is to be at the West End arena and Centennial arena while all of Saturday’s games are to be played at the Centre Wellington Sportsplex in Fergus. Sunday’s games are strictly the division finals and all are to be played at the West End arena. The tyke final is set for 10 a.m., peewee final at 11:15 a.m. and midget final at 12:30 p.m. on Pad One. The novice final is to go at 10:30 a.m. and the bantam final at 11:45 a.m. on Pad Two.


Friday Games

at West End One
11 a.m.: Midget, Guelph Two vs. Cambridge
12 p.m.: Tyke, Halton Two vs. Cambridge
1 p.m.: Peewee, Whitby Three vs. Halton Two
2 p.m.: Bantam, Cornwall vs. Six Nations Four
3 p.m.: Novice, Hamilton  vs. Sarnia Two
4 p.m.: Tyke, Wallaceburg vs. Milton Two
5 p.m.: Bantam, Hamilton Two vs. Kingston
6 p.m.: Bantam, Six Nations Four vs. Guelph Two
7 p.m.: Novice, Peterborough Three vs. Hamilton
8 p.m.: Novice, Peterborough Two vs. Centre Wellington Two
9 p.m.: Midget, Cambridge  vs. London Two
at West End Two
11 a.m.: Midget, London Two vs. Six Nations Three
12 p.m.: Tyke, Guelph Two vs. Wallaceburg
1 p.m.: Peewee, Guelph Three vs. Whitby Four
2 p.m.: Bantam, Kingston  vs. Six Nations Three
3 p.m.: Novice, Guelph Two vs. Peterborough Three
4 p.m.: Novice, Six Nations Two vs. Peterborough Two
5 p.m.: Tyke, Cambridge vs. Peterborough Three
6 p.m.: Peewee, Peterborough Two vs. Guelph Three
7 p.m.: Novice, Sarnia Two vs. Guelph Two
8 p.m.: Novice, North Perth vs. Six Nations Two
9 p.m.: Midget, Six Nations Three vs. Guelph Two
at Centennial
12 p.m.: Tyke, Milton Two vs. Peterborough Three
1 p.m.: Peewee, Milton Two vs. Peterborough Two
2 p.m.: Bantam, Guelph Two vs. Hamilton Two
3 p.m.: Novice, Centre Wellington Two vs. North Perth
4 p.m.: Tyke, Sarnia vs. Halton Two
5 p.m.: Peewee, Barrie Two vs. Whitby Three
6 p.m.: Peewee, Whitby Four vs. Milton Two
7 p.m.: Bantam, Six Nations Three vs. Cornwall
8 p.m.: Tyke, Guelph Two vs. Sarnia
9 p.m.: Peewee, Halton Two vs. Barrie Two


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