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Skoufis gets second welterweight world title in a year

GUELPH – Guelph native Nathan Skoufis fulfilled his goal of unifying the National Blackbelt League and North American Sport Karate Association titles in his class.

The 23-year-old owner and head instructor of Guelph Family Martial Arts claimed the championship at the NBL Super Grands World Championships at Buffalo last week, culminating in the title win on New Year’s Eve.

Among the countries represented at the championships were the U.S. Ireland, Iran, Iraq, Dubai, France, Greece, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Italy and Turkey.

Skoufis, who purposely entered the tournament as a wild card and advanced from the bottom of the rankings and beat every fighter in his division to win the title.

The lone Canadian to win a world title in fighting at the meet, Skoufis added the NBL welterweight crown to the NASKA title he had won earlier in the year and it kept him ranked No. 1 in the world in the weight division for the third consecutive year.

The Guelphite was also a member of the squad that claimed the world team fighting championship at the NBL event.

  • Guelph Sports Journal